Linux: cifs share in fstab

14. maj 2015

Mount cifs share in fstab Install cifs-utils (even if you already have Samba and related packages installed): sudo pacman install cifs-utils Edit /etc/fstab and add your entry: //server/share /pathto/mountpoint cifs credentials=/etc/samba/.smbcredentials 0 0 Create the .smbcredentials file in /etc/samba: $ sudo touch /etc/samba/.smbcredentials $ sudo nano /etc/samba/.smbcredentials username=shareuser password=sharepassword domain=domain_or_workgroupname Make sure you secure your /etc/samba/.smbcredentials file: sudo chmod 0400 /etc/samba/.smbcredentials Finally, test the mount with: sudo mount -a