Synology: Preserve your path

14. maj 2015 - Linux, Notater

After DSM update ipkg/opkg stops working.

Always remember > Trust is good – verification is better

EDIT: apply to /root/.profile as well

Use your favorite ssh-client to connect to your diskstation as root

# ssh root@your-ds
# cp /etc/profile /etc/
# vi /etc/profile

If you mess up in vi Esc:q! and start again

Find the line reading


Place the cursor under the first slash ‘/’ and press i to insert text.

Modify path according to your environment ipkg or opkg



Press Esc to go back to command mode and then press uppercase Z twice to save and close vi.

For good measure – verify the changes you made

# cat /etc/profile

Activate the path modification by sourcing profile

# source /etc/profile

During the next DSM update your profile will probably be replaced by the update process and to prevent that you can make the file readonly by doing

# chmod 0444 /etc/profile[/code]